Find Your Doula {beta}

Don’t know where to start?

Finding a the right doula for your family can be an overwhelming process.   Birth Care Network is here to help Kentuckiana families find the right professionals to support them along the way.  If you’re not sure where to start with your doula search, we’re here to help!

  • We recommend that you FIRST look through our birth doula referral list and visit individual members’ websites (by clicking on their names) to learn more about our member doulas.  You can contact specific doulas directly from our referral page.
  • Meet with at least two or three doulas who are available for your due date. Most doulas offer a free initial consult so that you can meet and decide whether you are a good fit for one another. Finding the right doula is as much about personality and “fit” with you and your partner as it is about price and availability, so we encourage you to shop around!
  • If you’re having trouble finding someone who is available and a good match for you, come back to this page and complete the form below. BCN doulas who are available and interested in working with you will respond to share their contact info and perhaps set up an interview/consultation.

Thank you.  Your entry will be sent out to all active BCN birth doulas, and you be contacted directly by those who are available for your due date and interested in speaking with you further.

*If you do not hear from any BCN doulas within two weeks, please re-submit the form and mention in the comments section that you’re still looking for a doula and have not yet received a response.

Your information will never be sold or shared with anyone, and will only be shared with members of Birth Care Network for the purposes of helping you find a doula.